Policy: TBD

Authority: CCSDS.SEA


Creation date: 2017-05-30 13:51:32

Update date: 2017-05-30 13:51:32

Status: Approved


Details OID Abbreviation Definition References Status 16APSK 16-ary Amplitude and Phase Shift Keying [ccsds-131.3-B-1] Provisional 3-DES Triple Data Encryption Standard [ccsds-350.0-G-2] Provisional 32APSK 32-ary Amplitude and Phase Shift Keying [ccsds-131.3-B-1] Provisional 3DES Triple DES or triple DES [ccsds-350.0-G-2] - [ccsds-350.2-G-1] Provisional 3GPP Third-Generation Project [ccsds-313.0-Y-1] Provisional 720.3-G-1 Store and Forward Overlay [text-Secretariat] Provisional 8PSK 8-ary Phase Shift Keying [ccsds-131.3-B-1] Provisional AAC Advanced Audio Coding [ccsds-706.1-G-1] Provisional AAMS Application AMS [ccsds-735.1-B-1] - [ccsds-875.0-M-1] - [ccsds-735.0-G-1] Provisional ACI Adjacent Channel Interference [ccsds-880.0-G-1] Provisional ACK Positive Acknowledgment [ccsds-727.0-B-4] - [ccsds-720.1-G-3] Provisional ACK or Ack Acknowledgment or Acknowledgement [ccsds-875.0-M-1] - [ccsds-880.0-G-1] - [ccsds-714.0-B-2] Provisional ACL Access Control List [ccsds-350.4-G-1] Provisional ACM Adaptive Coding and Modulation [ccsds-131.4-M-1] - [ccsds-131.3-B-1] - [ccsds-131.2-B-1] Provisional ACQ or Acq Acquisition [ccsds-401.0-B-22] Provisional AD Acceptance Check (Bypass Flag = 0) and Data (Control Command Flag = 0) [ccsds-232.1-B-2] Provisional AD Area Director [ccsds-A02.1-Y-3] Provisional ADC Automated Data Collection [ccsds-880.0-G-1] Provisional ADC Automatic Data Capture [ccsds-880.0-G-1] Provisional ADI Authority and Data Descriptive Record Identifier [ccsds-610.0-G-5] Provisional ADID Authority and Description Identifier [ccsds-620.0-B-2] - [ccsds-622.0-B-1] - [ccsds-630.0-B-1] - [ccsds-631.0-G-2] - [ccsds-632.0-B-1] - [ccsds-643.0-B-1] - [ccsds-644.0-B-3] - [ccsds-645.0-G-1] - [ccsds-646.0-G-1] - [ccsds-647.1-B-1] - [ccsds-647.2-B-1] - [ccsds-647.3-B-1] - [ccsds-A31.0-G-1] Provisional ADID Authority Description Identifier [ccsds-621.0-G-1] Provisional ADM Attitude Data Message [ccsds-503.0-B-1] - [ccsds-504.0-B-1] - [ccsds-A01.2-Y-4.1] - [ccsds-505.0-B-1] Provisional ADR Adaptive Data Rate [ccsds-740.0-G-1] Provisional ADU Application Data Unit [ccsds-621.0-G-1] - [ccsds-645.0-G-1] - [ccsds-620.0-B-2] Provisional