Approved Data Archive Ingest XML

Creation date: 2017-05-30 13:55:28 Update date: 2018-04-13 13:35:40

Policy: CCSDS Blue Book



Object Identifier

Data Archive Ingest XML


Details Status File Description Group References OID
Details Provisional ccsds-pais-common-types.xsd Common complex types used by other Producer Archive Specification Interface schemas. PAIS [ccsds-651.1-B-1]
Details Provisional ccsds-pais-descriptor-collection.xsd This schema characterizes one or more collection views of the objects to be transferred by a Producer to an Archive. PAIS [ccsds-651.1-B-1]
Details Provisional ccsds-pais-descriptor-transfer-object.xsd This schema characterizes the Digital Object Types of the objects to be transferred by a Producer to an Archive. PAIS [ccsds-651.1-B-1]
Details Provisional ccsds-pais-sip-constrainsts.xsd This schema characterizes on one side the authorized content of each SIP (Submission Information Package), on the other side the order in which SIPs have to be delivered by the Producer to the Archive. PAIS [ccsds-651.1-B-1]
Details Provisional ccsds-pais-sip-model.xsd This schema, used in conjunction with the schema for the XFDU packaging standard, characterizes the organization of the data within the SIP to be sent by the Producer to an Archive. PAIS [ccsds-651.1-B-1]
Details Provisional xfdu.xsd This schema characterizes the organization of data for transfer as a package between parties by providing a number of potentially useful attributes including, but not limited to, sequence, hierarchy, checksums, and global information about the whole package. XFDU [ccsds-661.0-B-1]
Details Provisional ccsds-dedsl-O1.xsd This schema for the construction and interchange of data entity dictionaries. Data entity dictionaries support the creation, use and understanding of data. DEDSL [ccsds-647.4-O-1]