Policy: FCFS

Authority: CCSDS.SIS


Creation date: 2017-05-30 13:56:40

Update date: 2017-05-30 13:56:40

Status: Approved



Details OID Extended Capability ID Registrant Reason Contact Information References Status 0 - 15 [ccsds-714.0-B-2] Reserved 16 Global Protocols We intend to use the binding space for PEP to PEP signaling for our SCPS enabled TCP accelerator products. Max Repaci Global Protocols, Inc. 7855 Walker Dr. Ste 600 Greenbelt, MD 20770 Provisional 17 Xiplink The intended use is for the XipLink to support a flexible communications mechanism at a TCP connection level, addressing concerns that are not currently addressed by the SCPS-TP standard. The binding space identifier will be designed to be extensible and therefore does not address any one specific problem. The format and field definitions may or may not be made public. Charlie Younghusband 514-848-9640x221 Charlie@xiplink.com XipLink Networking www.xiplink.com Provisional 18 BAE Systems Advertise capability of Selective Negative Ack (SNACK) with hole size and offset are measured in Bytes Advertise capability of Full Selective Acknowledgments (FSACK) Specification of the format of the extended capability data field will be published later. Victor Firoiu victor.firoiu@baesystems.com BAE Systems, Network Systems Advanced Information Technologies Provisional 19 Gerard Brennan Compression (Global Protocols, Riverbed, Citrix, Expand) Gerard Brennan PM-WIN-T TNAC2 Ft. Monmouth 732-829-5741 – cell Gerard.Brennan1@us.army.mil Provisional 20 Andrew Gorski Andrew Gorski Provisional 21 Stephen Wilson Advertise proprietary Vocality capabilities between SCPS enabled Vocality products Stephen Wilson Tel: +44 1483 813120 Email: stephen.wilson@vocality.com Vocality International Limited Assigned 100 SatLabs i-PEP http://satlabs.org/pdf/I-PEP_Specification_Issue_1a.pdf Provisional 128 - 255 [ccsds-714.0-B-2] Reserved