Policy: TBD

Authority: CCSDS.CSS.SM


Creation date: 2017-05-30 13:52:15

Update date: 2017-05-30 13:52:15

Status: Candidate



Details File Description References Status OID
A schema for expressing CCSDS time formats used by other CSSM schemas – currently only for Time Code "B". [ccsds-301.0-B-4] Provisional
A schema for XML instance document conformant with the CCSDS Simple Schedule Format Recommended Standard. Blue Book 902.1-B-1.<xref xmlns="http://sanaregistry.org/r" type="ccsds" data="902.1-B-1">Blue Book 902.1-B-1.</xref> [ccsds-902.1-B-1] Provisional
A schema for XML instances for the header of all service management messages. [ccsds-902.1-B-1] Provisional