Approved Service Management XML Schemas

Creation date: 2017-05-30 13:52:15 Update date: 2018-06-26 14:28:19

Policy: CCSDS

Authority: CCSDS.CSS.SM



Object Identifier

Service Management XML Schemas


Details Status File Description References OID
Details Assigned SchemaCssmAbstractParameter-v1_0_0.xsd General definition for extending in a controlled manner, allowing agency needs that are in addition to a particular standardized Serivce Management Schema to be met. [ccsds-902.1-B-1]
Details Assigned SchemaCssmCcsdsTimecodes-v1_0_0.xsd XML Schema version of CCSDS Time codes. [ccsds-301.0-B-4] - [ccsds-902.1-B-1]
Details Assigned SchemaCssmSmInfoEntityHeader-v1_0_0.xsd Generic header definition for use in other Service Management Schemas. [ccsds-902.1-B-1]
Details Assigned SchemaCssmSmAbstractEvent-v1_0_0.xsd Events in the abstract for use by Service Management Schemas and potentially schemas of other working groups. [ccsds-902.1-B-1]
Details Assigned SchemaCssmSimpleSchedule-v1_0_0_b1.xsd The simple schedule XML Schema. [ccsds-902.1-B-1]