Candidate Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services Electronic Data Sheets and Dictionary of Terms

Creation date: 2017-05-30 13:52:18 Update date: 2017-05-30 13:52:18

Policy: Expert Review




Details Status File Description Norm References OID
Details Provisional seds.xsd The schema for SOIS Electronic Data Sheets.
Details Provisional seds-core-semantics.xsd The SOIS Dictionary of Terms in the form of a schema to be included by seds.xsd.
Details Provisional seds.xml A non-normative collection of definitions that can reduce the number of definitions in an electronic data sheet.
Details Provisional sois.0.owl The ontology for SOIS Dictionary of Terms. This ontology imports sysml-qudv-si-sois.owl.
Details Provisional sysml-qudv.owl The original proof-of-concept definition of quantities, units, dimensions, and values. [uri-Quantities, Units, Dimensions, Values (QUDV) Ontology. Object Management Group.]
Details Provisional sysml-qudv-si.owl The original proof-of-concept extension of QUDV to the International System of Units. This ontology imports SysML-QUDV.owl. [uri-Quantities, Units, Dimensions, Values (QUDV) Ontology. Object Management Group.]
Details Provisional sysml-qudv-si-sois.owl An extension of the original QUDV ontologies to support units used in SOIS EDS. This ontology imports SysML-QUDV-SI.owl.
Details Provisional A compressed project that contains open-source utilities that are intended to perform the following functions: - Converts a conformant ontology into a seds-core-semantics.xsd - Extracts a SEDS instance that contains definitions of standard types